by Mimosa Moize



Inspired by the image of the merging of sea and sky, mimosa|moize strives to create sound to ‘depict’ this visual phenomenon of the sea in the state of extreme stillness and almost indistinguishable from the sky.

Further Information
In attempt to extract the essence of the sea, Seiren is composed through harnessing the melodic resonant frequencies of 13 different seashells. The prolonged still sound and extreme low volume are the key features of Seiren as it is not a mere representation of the sound of the sea, it is, more importantly, a reflection towards the background sound in our surroundings that dives in and out our awareness and consciousness. What Seiren wishes to achieve is to integrate with the sounds that exist in the room where it is played into through speakers, and to direct our attention to the sounds that we normally neglect in our daily lives.


released May 3, 2009
Mimosa Moize is the minimal sound/art project of artists Lucia H. Chung (Taiwan) and Martin J. Thompson (UK) aka Pokk! and owner of label SM-LL.
Their ongoing relationship with sound is one shared both with perceivers and each other. Through exploring their experiences with sound as it is perceived, they wish to convey sound as a language, expressing to the other a sharing of a moment where sound becomes more than just sounding.
Mimosa Moize currently release with Murmur Records (JP) and Dragon’s Eye Recordings (USA)

CDR, 2009
Photography by Lucia H Chung, design by Emi Aida



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