"live in Osaka 2012" France Jobin performed the audio version of EVENT HORIZON

by France Jobin



EVENT HORIZON is an experimental audio/visual work by France Jobin (audio) and Cédrick Eymenier (visual) developed in the summer of 2009.The title of the piece was drawn from the physics term “event horizon” which is a bizarre boundary in space time which gives a black hole it’s name. It is the proximity point in which no matter or radiation (ex.light) can escape and thereby affect an outside observer. It is the black holes effects on its surroundings and the light that doesn’t pass the event horizon that gives physicists their awareness that the black hole exists.
This project involves the observation of a cityscape after nightfall. The minimal light observed over the city at night masks the flurry of activity that is obscured by buildings and darkness.
EVENT HORIZON explores the solitary observations of events transmitted via minimal stimuli and the understanding of the existence of incomprehensibly massive amounts of activity that cannot affect the outside observer other than the knowledge that it exists and it is obscured.
In short, it explores the interaction of the subject with the city and the emotions that come with various sensory stimuli and the contemplation of what the darkness obscures.

France Jobin | Cédrick Eymenier



released December 14, 2016

1track, total time 35:00



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